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Set sail with us! Book your experience

Experiences Designed For You!

We offer a range of customizable experiences designed to meet your unique needs.


From private tours and themed parties to corporate events, we have everything you need to explore the beauty of Miami's waters in your own way. 


Our experienced professionals are here to assist you in planning the perfect charter, ensuring that every detail is taken care of.

Catamaran Cruises In Miami


"Ivana V" Packages

Special packages tailored to your preferences:

Consider our corporate packages for a memorable get together on Miami's breathtaking waters. A day of exploration, leisure, luxury, and oceanic beauty.

Hear from Our Happy Sailors

Nothing speaks more to our dedication than the kind words of our satisfied guests. 

"I chose Sole Mio Charters for my son's 14th birthday, and it was a day filled with joy. The exceptional service in this beautiful catamaran and the sea views created an unforgettable celebration."

Daniela Kosan

Miami Charter

Benefits of Catamarans

Choosing a catamaran over a traditional boat or yacht charter offers unparalleled stability, spaciousness, and a closer connection to the water.


The dual hulls ensure a smooth sail even in rougher seas, providing comfort and safety, while its expansive deck space makes it ideal for larger gatherings or simply stretching out under the sun.

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